Artstation Wild West Game Art Challenge
Singer ko final beauty
Singer ko final turn posed

Posed Turnaround

Posed Viewer

Singer ko final wireframe tetxures

Wireframe/ Textures

Singer ko final flamethrower


Singer ko final pistol


Singer ko turntable small


Singer ko final turn t posed

T-Pose Turnaround

Singer ko final hex closeup

Head Close up

Singer ko final nodress

Body No Dress

T-Pose Viewer

Singer ko final extras closeup

Body Close Up

Singer ko zbrush character

ZBrush Character

Singer ko zbrush weapons

ZBrush Weapons

Singer ko final posed desat
Singer ko female outlaw ref

Concept by Katya Cyan

Hey all! This is a piece I started for the wild west challenge. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish on time, but I still wanted to spend some extra time to finish it up, so here it is! Enjoy!

The fantastic concept is by the awesome Katya Cyan

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